Adobe Photoshop Alternatives

Want to know what's out there beyond Adobe Photoshop? Here's a list of competitors with similar features. Whether it's a different pricing structure or new features you're looking for, you do have other options.

Photoshop excels in two main categories: photo editing and digital painting. Some Photoshop alternatives focus more on photo editing, some focus more on digital painting, and some try to do it all. Knowing what you’re more interested in will help you choose.

This list is part of an Adobe Alternatives series. For photo editors that also have strong RAW editing capabilities and function as file managers, check out my list of Adobe Lightroom Alternatives. If you’re looking for graphic design software, check out the list of Adobe In Design Alternatives. If you’re interested in vector art, see the list of Adobe Illustrator Alternatives.

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* Offers a free version that isn’t a trial, but has less features than the paid version.
** Has other pricing tiers with different feature sets.

Have recommendations that aren’t listed here? Let me know in the comments below.

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