This website is an outlet for my interest in creative software. The first program I used was Jasc Paint Shop Pro in the ’90s. Then I learned the Adobe Suite for my first real graphic design job in the early 2000s. Several years later I got into photography and started learning about RAW processing software. I love using Adobe software, but I think it’s good that they have competition and I’m constantly trying out new products. I also enjoy taking classes for photography and software, both online and in person.

I hope I can turn my interest into something that provides value to the creative community. I’d like to help other artists and photographers evaluate and learn software. I’d also like to support the companies creating these programs that I enjoy using.

If you’d like to see my photography and finished artwork, you can view my photography portfolio or take a look at my print store.

For a full list of the gear and hardware I use to create the images you see on this website, take a look at this post.  For a list of the software I own, see this post. I keep both pages up to date when there are changes.